Blue Book Interpreter/ObjectMemory/BitBlt

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Sun May 7 15:49:30 UTC 2006

On 7-May-06, at 7:45 AM, Wolfgang Helbig wrote:

> Hi,
> the paper "Forward to the Past" at
> mentions that the ST-80 Interpreter and BitBlt classes were typed  
> in from the
> Blue Book.
> Is this material still available? Preferable in the *.st format,  
> ready to be
> filed in in Squeak?

Mario Wolczko produced something like this years ago - with some bug  
fixes, since IIRC there was one place where a 17 bit cpu was needed -  
and you might find files somewhere. You'll need to google both the  
correct spelling 'wolczko' and a wrong one 'wolzcko' to get info.
> And did any one type in the ObjectMemory implementation from the  
> Blue Book?
Well it would be pretty much an essential part of the whole thing so  
I think you can be fairly confident that Mario's file(s) would have  
it. An interpreter without the object memory stuff would be as much  
use as a chocolate teacup...

To make any use of it you'd have to also create or obtain an image  
file of the correct format along with the sources and changes files.  
The bluebook object memory format is very different to the squeak  

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