Thomas Koenig tomkoenig at mindspring.com
Sun May 7 17:54:34 UTC 2006

John M McIntosh,
Hi, I think you created UUID and its test case UUIDPrimitivesTest? Do you
have time to help resolve the problem? 

UUIDPrimitivesTest>>testCreationRandom fails on this assertion
 self should: [((UUID new at: 7) bitAnd: 16rF0) = 16r40].
Here's what I can tell you:
-The failure occurs in 3.9b 7029 and in 3.8 6665
-I'm testing on win xp
-the assertion appears to fail the very first time (it's in a repeats 1000)
-(self at: 7) bitAnd: 16rF0 ==> 32 (not 64)
-the other assertion passes always.


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