Object factory... Is that how it's called??

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Mon May 8 13:25:02 UTC 2006

Michel Calonne a écrit :

>I'm quite new to smalltalk, and I'm developping on Squeak. As part of my studies I must create a serializer, wich translates an object to a xml file, and vice versa.
you should have a look at SIXX which is a XML serializer for squeak and 
you'll probably find ideas in it...

>My question is, how should I do to create an instance of, for example, a 'toto' class (yes, it is a String, readen from the xml file)??
>If anyone can help me, it would be great! Thanks by advance!
otherwise maybe:
(Smalltalk at: 'toto' asSymbol ifAbsent:[^nil]) to get the class from a 

>PS: Mr Ducasse, c'est ma question bonus ça!
+ one point ? :)


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