Steve Moffitt stevia at citlink.net
Tue May 9 02:36:51 UTC 2006

Hi -- I sent this to beginners list but didn't get a reply so will  
try here.

Hi all -- and thanks in advance. I'm finding  
SimpleHierarchaelListMorph not so simple. I can add items to the list  
easily enough if code that follows is anywhere close to being right,  
but how would I add a subitem programactically to item 1.

x := 		SimpleHierarchicalListMorph
			on: [ OrderedCollection with:  (ListItemWrapper with: 'item 1')  ]
			list: #value
			selected: nil
			changeSelected: nil
			menu: nil
			keystroke: nil.

y := x  getList.
y add: (ListItemWrapper with: 'item 2').
x list: y.
x openInWorld

I've looked at the examples and still not getting it.
Again thanks,

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