[BUG] debugger recursively open

Noury Bouraqadi bouraqadi at ensm-douai.fr
Wed May 10 07:49:57 UTC 2006

Hi Nicolas,

To avoid this recursion, you should use haltOnce instead of halt.
But, first you should enable halt once (message setHaltOnce).
More in category 'debugging-haltOnce' in Object.

BTW, all these are in Squeak 3.9.


Le 10 mai 06, à 00:18, nicolas cellier a écrit :

> Putting a halt in printOn: or any method called by printOn: is not 
> something
> to do...
> I just experimented this funny game, and got several hundred debuggers 
> opened.
> If you want to learn how to close a window programatically in Squeak, 
> try it.
> Nicolas
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