How does a newbie get past the feeling thay he is trying to understand an elephant whilst looking through a keyhole?

Dan Shafer dan at
Wed May 10 21:58:39 UTC 2006

On May 8, 2006, at 3:28 PM, nicolas cellier wrote:

> - we all need a good step by step tutorial (Dan, i guess you had  
> not access to
> the Smalltalk/V tutorial, because your basic example would have  
> been much
> easier with this excellent book)
I did in fact have access to it. Later, I wrote three books on  
Smalltalk. But at the time I was just opening the box to see what  
Smalltalk was about, I was too impatient to read a book. I  had this  
experience in Basic and Pascal and figured I'd give Smalltalk my  
easiest "getting to know you" program as a blind test. That turned  
out to be a wrong-headed approach but at the time I didn't know that.


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