how to set the cursor position in TextMorph

Celal Ziftci cziftci2 at
Wed May 10 14:40:49 UTC 2006

Hi Frank,
I think I'm getting the meaning of cursor wrong.
So basicly what I want to do is the following. I want to set the caret position in the textmorph using some smalltalk code instead of using the mouse.
As an example, assume I have the following text in a textmorph and | is the place my caret is currently at:


Now I want to move the caret to another place like: 


but not by clicking there, using some code instead.
Is this possible at all? Do I need to imitate firing an event (something like mouse down event)?
Thanks for any help.

- Celal Ziftci


> Hi Celal,

> Better to know is what do you want to do. The accessor cursorWrapped: work very well and brings the curosor 
> of the TextMorph to the right position. The little example below is how I try to get the answer on your question.

> "initialize the TextMorph"
> karl := TextMorph new openInWorld. 
> karl contents: 'here comes the mouse'.

> "Show where the cursor is"
> Transcript show: karl cursor;cr.
> "result ==1"

> "change the position of the cursor"
> karl cursorWrapped: 6.

> "Show where the cursor is"
> Transcript show: karl cursor.
> "result == 6"

> Cheers,
>   Frank

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Subject: how to set the cursor position in TextMorph (09-Mai-2006 19:47)
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>> Hi,
>> I am having problem in setting the cursor to a certain position in 
>> TextMorph. I am trying the cursorWrapped: message, but it seems to be 
>> not working (or I am misunderstanding its meaning). Any help or pointers 
>> would be appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>> - Celal Ziftci

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