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Thu May 11 07:26:29 UTC 2006


"Michael Latta" <lattam at mac.com> wrote:
> What is the status of the Exupery compiler?  Is it being used in 3.9?

Bryce will probably answer himself but you can also check out his diary
notes on SqP:


...and watch his presentation and read a handout on it:


And no, it is not being used in 3.9. Bryce is using 3.8 as the platform
(don't know if it works as it stands in 3.9). Exupery is an "addon" and
will most probably be an "addon" for a long time, it is simply IMHO not
something that we need to put in an official image - basic or not.

It is also not yet usable for "normal" users, but it can already run
quite a bit of code - and if I understand it right, soon it will be able
to deal with a much larger code base (using blocks and self/super sends

regards, Göran

PS. And oh, please skip HTML in list postings. :)

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