using better terms (was "Requiem or Resurgence?")

Craig Latta craig at
Thu May 11 20:17:55 UTC 2006

Hi Ale--

 > Some words we use and... *must* [revisit] are:
 > - Smalltalk as a (dynamic) language.
 > No comment now on the topic, because I have written on it in the past
 > and no answer has been received in this list (why?).

	You seem to be forgetting my responses. :)  I think the main reason you 
haven't gotten much response is that, sadly, people tend not to speak up 
when they agree with you. (So I'll take this opportunity to say that, 
generally, I agree with you. :)

 > - Variables
 > We use the term "instance variable" for the collaborators of an
 > object. The word "variable" has a well-known meaning in traditional
 > computing, and refers to a place in memory, the contents of which
 > "varies". We put "names" to objects in Smalltalk, but do not use
 > variables because we do not consider memory as addressable (via names
 > or numbers).

	I thought Self's use of the word "slot" was an improvement. Even the 
PARC-era use of "field" seems better than "variable".

 > ...ambience...

	You keep misusing that word. :)  Seriously, please go look it up in an 
English dictionary. The word you want is "environment" (more familiar to 
most speakers), or perhaps "biosphere" (less familiar but refers 
explicitly to living organisms). An "ambience", in English, is the 
atmosphere or mood created by an environment. It is not the environment 
itself, it refers to the environment's psychological effect.



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