Requiem or Resurgence?

Michael Latta lattam at
Thu May 11 21:21:44 UTC 2006

If spoon allowed me to update the VM from the remote tools, set breakpoints
in the VM and use blocks to implement the VM, then yes.  Spoon does allow
migration of objects from one VM to another.  I do not know if it has
seamless debugging of the target image from the tools image.


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On 11-May-06, at 1:28 PM, Michael Latta wrote:

> 3) As part of the work they are working with 2 images so that the  
> tools run
> in one image while the system under development runs in another  
> image.  This
> allows a lighter execution environment without "stripping" the  
> image.  It is
> not clear if they intend this to be the long-term use or only during
> bootstrapping.
Oh, you mean Spoon. :-)

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