squeakland plugin for unix

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Thu May 11 21:43:52 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
> a few questions on the squeakland browser plugin for unix, if someone in
> the know can answer:
> Is the squeakland image special? (different from the regular ol' squeak
> images?)
> Is the vm different too? Or is the only difference the npspeak.so file
> and the symbolic link it creates
> (e.g. create symbolic link `/usr/lib/firefox-1.5/plugins/npsqueak.so' to
> `/usr/lib/squeak/3.7-7/npsqueak.so')
> I'm afraid the squeakland vm will overwrite my current vm. True?
> Can I run them independently (that is without changing directories and
> creating links so they don't interfere in the "default" installation
> process)
BTW: I receive this error:
'Error loading ''http://www.squeakland.org/uploads/Weasel

 when loading the project on this page:

i imagine I should send this a Squeakland mailing list. Is there one?
And can someone forward this?

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