Smalltalk: Requiem or Resurgence? {Dr. Dobb's Journal (05/06/06) Chan, Jeremy}

Michael Latta lattam at
Thu May 11 22:30:01 UTC 2006

I really do not have an issue with the Squeak UI.  It is different from the
platform UI but seems reasonably well implemented and such.  The size of
scroll bars and borders is a bit small for my taste and eyes these days.
But, since this is Smalltalk I can always change them!

Mostly I was referring to the perception of Smalltalk as a language/system
that had its day and was on the decline.  That is generally the response I
get when mentioning it to those that have not actually used it on a project,
or who have been converted to the mainstream of Java or .Net.

The VisualWorks UI is a bit dated and still has the annoying 10 year old bug
of not always repainting windows properly.  That bug alone makes it look


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> While Squeak can do far more than Ruby or Python, they
> get much more press.  In part this is because Smalltalk is seen as old.

The out-of-the-box UI is very old-fashioned; quaint, with the mousey
eyes, and the little window with the balloon, and the quirky colors. Maybe
a slick update -- for programmers, rather than kids -- would help dispell
the "old" image. Maybe LCARS . . . :-)

- Bob

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