Smalltalk: Requiem or Resurgence? {Dr. Dobb's Journal (05/06/06) Chan, Jeremy}

Brad Fuller brad at
Thu May 11 22:58:56 UTC 2006

Kendall Shaw wrote:
> I'm a total squeak novice still, even though I've poked at it
> occasionally for a while.
> The big problem is, with respect to typical desktop applications,
> Squeak is a tiny isolated Universe. It's really it's own platform. So,
> it can't be compared to Python, Ruby etc. It's more comparable to
> AppleScript, except AppleScript is not nearly as restrictive, because
> your not locked into an AppleScript only platform.
Gee... I see it as just the opposite. Why do you think Squeak is
> If you have an application in mind, do you want to make it be an
> application that is only usable by a tiny group of people using the
> Squeak platform? Or, do you want to make it available to the vast
> universe outside of Squeak?
Hmm... Squeak runs on multiple OSs and you can deploy a run-only version
of your "app".
So... I don't understand the statement. Can you elaborate?

> I like the language Smalltalk, but I have trouble justifying the time
> it takes to comprehend the undocumented and terminally obscure Squeak
> platform. The main justification I use is that I want to learn more
> about smalltalk and the alternative smalltalks are much less developed
> or are closed and corporate proprietary.

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