[ANN] 3.9-7032 out

Cesare Marilungo cesare at poeticstudios.com
Fri May 12 02:25:24 UTC 2006

Stéphane Ducasse wrote:

> Hi
> I harvested the fixes of Adrian (thanks a lot) for traits fixing.
> A simple fix is pending to be harvested that fix MC.
> I will not have the time to harvest before next tuesday because  
> working and travelling.
> As nobody with good knowledge really stood up to replace marcus, we  
> will have to get slower.
> I'm still waiting for the new version of the packages that are not  
> under our responsibility.
> Stef

 From the image opened workspace text:

 > 0003339: [Fix] Simple button morphs don't reset their color properly 
when balked.

This is still buggy. Every button (even those in every gui element, 
being SimpleButtonMorphs) truns green (the default color) once it is 

Please read my note at:


Keep up with the good work,


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