SqueakMap Package Loader Error

Frank Urbach frank.urbach at schmees.com
Fri May 12 05:57:27 UTC 2006

Hi Alan,

try to delete the file map.2744.sgz from the /sm directory. 
Not nice but it works. The reason for this I dont know.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: SqueakMap Package Loader Error (12-Mai-2006 4:25)
From:    Alan Lovejoy <squeak-dev.sourcery at forum-mail.net>
To:      frank.urbach at schmees.com

I get an error when I try to open the SqueakMap package loader in Squeak 3.8.

Afer selecting open->SqueakMap Package Loader from the World menu, a progress window appears with the following title:

    Loading map.2744.sgz

Almost immediately, a syntax error window opens, which says the following:

    Syntax Error
    UndefinedObject  as yet unclassified   Nothing

    <<<This string contains a character (ascii value 31) that is not normally used in code>>> Nothing more expected ->‹

What's the fix?

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