Off topic Smalltalk question

Michael Latta lattam at
Fri May 12 06:26:06 UTC 2006

I have a non-squeak Smalltalk question.  I hope the list does not mind, but
is likely to have experience I need to query.


Both VW and Dolphin have COM interop features.  They both seem to provide
basic automation interop, and support for structured storage.  VW looks to
go a bit more deeply in supporting data transfer for the clipboard and such.
If I need to copy data from a Smalltalk application and paste it into an
office application using linking and embedding is VW or Dolphin going to
work better for me?  If all I am doing is clipboard copying which is better?
VW has a vaster VM and larger doc set, but the COM features appear to be 3
years old.  That may be OK since COM has not been changing much.  Is VW or
Dolphin implementation more stable?  Does one provide better interactive
debugging?  Does the in-process case supported by Dolphin make that much of
a difference?


I have done COM programming in the past, but that was using MS Java in the
VW 2.5 days when it did not have COM connect.




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