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Matej Kosik kosik at fiit.stuba.sk
Fri May 12 10:16:15 UTC 2006


I have noticed that there are no packages for recent Squeak images. I have created the following three new packages:

* squeak-image1
* squeak-image3.8
* squeak-image3.9

which were missing. So there is the latest stable version as well as hot 3.9-7032 beta version. As you can see, I have added also the historical 1 version which is (I think) also interesting. There is a BookMorph with an interesting article. One can have installed all the image versions and switch among them freely via Debian "alternatives" mechanism (I have learned about it thanks to working on these packages.).

I have contacted Lex Spoon who was their original author. He helped me with their initial reviewing. Reviewing is time-consuming and I guess he has more interesting things to do. He was very helpful.

Temporary (unofficial) location with information about my updates are here:


There is an official page:
which (if all things will be working as I hope) will be updated too.

Everyone is welcome to try those packages. The Debian users will be perhaps pleased to have them around...I wanted them so I created them. If you (don't) like them, let me know.

Matej Kosik
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