Cannot install NewCompiler from SqM

goran at goran at
Fri May 12 11:21:29 UTC 2006


"Klaus D. Witzel" <klaus.witzel at> wrote:
> List,
> when attempting to install the NewCompiler package I see the following  
> lines appear in Transcript:
> Download from original url  
> (  
> failed with this exception: Incorrect SHA checksum of file from orginal URL
> Trying server cache instead.
> Download from server cache of NewCompiler 2-70 failed with this exception:  
> Incorrect SHA checksum of file from server

The server side cache and the checksumming is not currently working
all-correctly. I need to make a script to run through and regenerate the
server cache and make sure SHA checksums are correct etc.

But the URL mentioned (that SM thinks has a faulty checksum) can be used
manually to get the file.

Unfortunately - in this case SM may actually be right, the file seems
> Doing SMSqueakMap bootStrap did not help, same result. Also,  
> SMMcInstaller>>#fileIn has DNU b/o instVar fileName nil ... I checked that  
> is up and running.
> Any suggestions?

Not really. Marcus could perhaps reupload that file - but then he needs
to edit the release (and change the URL, and change it back) to trigger
recalculation of the SHA checksum. I could do this of course, but I
don't have the correct file.

regards, Göran

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