The Future of Squeak or Squeaking at the Future?

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Fri May 12 17:07:16 UTC 2006

> That's good news, but how? ^_-

Easy try to get a parser parsing that. Note that for [ ] you can  
reuse the default parser and that

are packages

> KernelPackage
> 	import: Point.
> Package declare: 'ColoredPointPackage'.
> Point < ColoredPoint
> 	variables: 'x y' ;
> 	classvar: 'Foo'
> ColoredPoint>>foo: zork
> 	[
>          <category: 'foobar'>
> 	 <author: 'sd' date: '24/06/2006'>
> 		^ self foo
>         	]

> Not completely true - some smaller, not-enough-informed companies and
> even universiti laboratories thing kind of "Smalltalk? that's no real
> programming language..."

what can we say.

> I thing there's not enough examles & tutorials for newcomers solving
> trivial everyday tasks - we concentrate too much on things that  
> can't be
> done (or are very difficult to do) in other languages... losing the
> forest for the trees.

Ok but you can fix that by writing such kind of tutorial.

> The web site is *really nice* now ^_^. I know of the fonts. And i  
> don't
> think there's no one who could make a good design as a bachelor or
> diplom work (have you seen Skylark, without the rounded corners? it
> looks nice, clean, simple and professional enough for me).

I think that we need a skinnable interface.
But did you load skylark in 3.9
We will do a developers image and people can help testing packages.

> Maybe a part of the solution... i think a better package dependency
> system wold help (like Debians dpkg/apt, but better, of course ^_^ ).

Yes I was waiting for that since goran told us. Now if you want to start
doing one. Give a try and see.

> I'll do my best ^_-

Like me :)

> 'Perfect' is still too far for me... until i can say "well, i'll do  
> this
> in Smalltalk", i a don't get an anwer like "wth? o_O" ... ^_~

Tell me where I would have to sign to get that...

Now everybody with its own energy and will can contribute.


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