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Fri May 12 19:34:20 UTC 2006


I chose QuickTime/H.264 because it gave me the best compression for  
those large movies and just as a sort of historical reference.

I'll see about recompressing them in mpeg or something.  Sadly  
ffmpegx is a pile and never converts properly for me.

QuickTime will run on Windows XP, and is free.  If there is some  
other issue with Windows, let me know, could be an iWeb bug.


On May 12, 2006, at 12:27 PM, Hans-Martin Mosner wrote:

> stéphane ducasse wrote:
>> :)
> Sorry, won't play on any of the platforms I have access to  
> (LinuxPPC and WinXP).
> I really don't know how far the choice of production software and  
> the choice of output format are realted, but I think that using a  
> commonly supported format might have been a little friendlier for  
> those of us who don't have the newest hardware/software  
> combination. MPEG is supported even on this 10 years old LinuxPPC  
> machine...
> Cheers,
> Hans-Martin

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