feeling planet squeak's gravity

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Fri May 12 19:58:59 UTC 2006

Simon Michael wrote:
> With my blog added to http://planet.squeak.org , the idea of not
> straying off-topic has become an inhibition, despite what I wrote
> about this before. I need to write a lot about Zwiki at times. When I
> once counted the squeak vs. non-squeak posts, the ratio was low and
> I'm a little concerned that there be enough of a squeak focus to
> fulfil planet squeak's purpose.
> Should something be done ? Should I just blog on merrily ? I like
> blogger.com and it doesn't support topics. I could keep separate
> blogs. I could hack the planet software to filter posts by keyword,
> for my blog, or all. I could just make sure to write more about
> squeak, to balance the scales... I wonder how other planet squeak
> bloggers & readers think on this issue. I wonder how many squeakers
> read it. Cc'ing the squeak list, comments welcome..

the RSS feed locations on planet squeak don't seem to work in gmail web
clips. But, they do work in KDE's Kontact. Do you know how to get them
to work in gmail? (I took the "validate" links and they don't seem to


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