binary selectors ambiguity and space

nicolas cellier ncellier at
Sat May 13 17:54:54 UTC 2006

Le Samedi 13 Mai 2006 19:43, nicolas cellier a écrit :
> Dan said space should not be significant...
> In fact, if you look Squeak literal arrays, or VW implementation, you can
> see that in fact it is: #(1-2) and #(1-  2)

To be correct, space put around binary selectors should not be significant.
That is (1   -   -2)  should lead same result as (1--2).

This is not exactly the same as space placed between minus sign and following 
digit like in my example. Space are significant as a separator of course, and 
(-  2) should maybe not be interpreted as a literal constant (nor a valid 
expression). In VW, this syntax is rejected, you can check the bible again.


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