Brad Fuller brad at
Sat May 13 19:20:09 UTC 2006

Hans-Martin Mosner wrote:
> Bob Courchaine wrote:
>> I'm running 6.5.2 on WinXP, Steven, and Firefox seems to load the player
>> but there's no images (white screen).
>> Earlier in the day I saw an error message that is probably the English
>> version of what you see, Hans-Martin.
>> I tried following one of the other links on the main page and now I get
>> what I described above.
> Installing QuickTime 7 (from the Apple site) helped, and indeed Sophie
> looks pretty nice.
> Perhaps the Sophie web site should state that to view the demos, you
> need QT 7.
it'd be nice if there was a link so we linux people could download it
(we can play QT, but I don't know how to make firefox use the mplayer
plugin for QT)

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