infinite loop in LanguageEditor

Pascal Grossé pascal.grosse at
Sat May 13 21:52:02 UTC 2006

Pascal Grossé wrote:
> I think I nailed the bug, which is quite easy to correct. I joined a
> changeset. I'm quite new to squeak (and even smalltalk), so pardon me if
> I'm not following established methods for reporting bugs. I don't known if
> it is possible for me to send a new version of LanguageEditor on
> squeaksource via Monticello, as I've not tried. And I don't know how to
> use Monticello for my NaturalLanguageTranslator corrections, because it is
> in another package (category ?).

Sorry to respond to my own post, but Nicolas Cellier attracted my attention
to It looks like the problem I
reported. Since Nicolas explained to me how to use Mantis, I updated the
bug report with my observations and changeset.


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