How does a newbie get past the feeling thay he is trying to understand an elephant whilst looking through a keyhole?

Dan Shafer dan at
Mon May 15 22:01:59 UTC 2006

I don't disagree, Duncan. In fact, on some level, the problem I ran  
into is less Smalltalk/Squeak-specific than it is the head-twist  
required to grok a language using objects for everything.

I've since become quite comfortable with all of this, of course (or  
at least I think I have until I try something really sneaky) but at  
first, this was a real wall for me.


On May 10, 2006, at 3:48 PM, Duncan Mak wrote:

> I see what you're trying to get at, but unfortunately, this is not  
> a particular good example, because It's the same in other languages  
> too.
> I don't know Pascal/Basic, but if you were to do it in Java, or C#,  
> you'll end up using the StringBuilder class, which is just the  
> equivalent to the Stream here. In C#, StringBuilder is part of  
> System.Text, which requires a 'using' statement, so it's not a  
> module that can be used out of the box either (and I'm sure the  
> same is true in the Java case).
> Duncan.

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