Issues creating instance of SmallInteger

Chris Muller chris at
Tue May 16 19:17:58 UTC 2006

Hi Michel, you can install Magma from SqueakSource.  In Monticello, add an HTTP repository to:
     location: ''
    user: ''
    password: ''

and then load "MagmaClientLoader".

Now, you are probably just interested in the serialization, you can step through a debugger:

  MaObjectSerializer halt testMaterialize: anyObject

where anyObject is any object.  This will serialize anyObject and then rematerialize it.

The reason this might be helpful is, if you are doing "generic" persistence to XML, kinds of objects that may require "special handling" during serializatino or materialization.  Projects, Morphs, fonts, flap-tabs and so forth.

But probably you do not need this much genericity..


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For now I managed the problem by checking a classname field in the xml, and then sending a SmallInteger with Number readFrom:'42'.
I would be quite interested in looking at your code. Where can I find this Magma you're talking about (if it is open source)?

>  You will not want to try generalizing your serialization/materialization quite so much.  There are "immediate" types and globals that you will not want to create new instances of.  Other examples are true, false and nil, Smalltalk, Processor, Transcript and others.
>  I've been through a ton of this kind of stuff in having written Magma.  You might find looking at my serialization/materialization code helpful in this respect.
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