Detecting keyUp for modifier keys

Hernan Tylim htylim at
Tue May 16 20:49:54 UTC 2006

Hi Duncan,

What you describe sounds too much to the WindowSwitcher I made and
distribute with the KeyBinder package. If it is that WindowSwitcher which
you are refering to, I did it a long time ago, I think for Squeak 3.7, maybe
3.8, but certainly not 3.9. And thats probably the reason why it doesn't
work properly now.

BTW,  the KeyBinder package was a proof of concept on some changes I wanted
for Squeak for its keyboard focus policy, and the WindowSwitcher was a proof
of concept for the KeyBinder in itself :)

P.S: It is possible to change the binding that WindowSwitcher use, you just
need to do it from the KeyBinder UI.


On 5/16/06, Duncan Mak <duncanmak at> wrote:
> Hello,
> On 3.9, there's this cute new Morph called WindowSwitcher which implements
> a Windows-like alt-tab popup for selecting open windows. To activate it,
> press alt-w.
> However, there's a bug.
> The pop up will only go away during a keyUp event when neither the control
> key nor the command key is pressed (see WindowSwitcher>>keyUp:), however, I
> never see a keyUp event when the command key is released on my machines
> running Linux. So, for now, you have to do:
> alt-w             "activate the pop-up"
> w.. w.. w        "pick the window before the one you want"
> release alt    "no effect"
> w                 "move to the desired window, and close the popup"
> Is there a reason why keyUp: is not sent when I release the command key
> (or control, or shift for that matter)? Is this a VM bug?  If it is, does
> this mean it is also happening on other platforms?
> One other thing I noticed. InputSensor only implements Pressed methods for
> the modifier keys, but not Released, is that the cause of the problem?
> Duncan.

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