A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?"

Duncan Mak duncanmak at gmail.com
Wed May 17 08:07:44 UTC 2006

On 5/17/06, Zulq Alam <zulq at orange.net> wrote:
> Things I can't easily do now are:
>     - Look at more than one method at the same.
>     - Edit more than one method at the same time.

Just open another browser.

    - Show how code is related by spatial relation to other code.

The linear ordering of code is only important because there's no way to
group methods together in these languages.

C# has #region, which lets you group things together, and then the code
editor can fold on them, but the Squeak code browser has method categories
too, which is the exact same idea.

>     - Move around a class in a fuzzy way, e.g. Page Up/Down, Ctrl+End in
> Windows.

Well, just start clicking around the method category pane and method pane.

    - Look at class declaration stuff easily (is there or could there be
> a key for this?). I'd just use Ctrl+Home in Windows to get to the top of
> a Java file.

Here's a trick I do:

type 'self', alt-p to print the class name, and then press alt-b to browse

I think the keybindings to 'browse it', 'senders of' and 'implementers of'
are the keystrokes that I hit the most often in a Squeak session.

    - Jump around the class method by method Ctrl+Shift+Down/Up in
> Eclipse - Squeak might be able to do this?

With the focus on the list, you can just use the up/down button.

    - Print out a class (though I haven't even tried this in Squeak)

Right click on the class and fileout,  There might even be a way to generate
a nice PostScript version, but  I don't know how.

The first two are really important to me, I didn't realize how much I
> did this until I switched. Some kind of popup code viewer could work
> here, on top but without focus still in the browser code area. My
> monitor is way too small (19") to fit all the browsers I need.

I agree that there's a tendency to have too many browser windows, but I work
on squeak from my laptop (12.1"), and as long as I close the browsers I
leave running around, I think it's fine.

You might also wanna try some other browsers, like Whisker Browser:


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