A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?"

Chris Patrick Schreiner chris.schreiner at online.no
Wed May 17 08:43:37 UTC 2006

Den 17. mai. 2006 kl. 10.07 skrev Duncan Mak:

> ...
> You might also wanna try some other browsers, like Whisker Browser:
> http://www.mindspring.com/~dway/smalltalk/whisker.html
> Duncan.

The whisker browser brings something fresh into the traditional  
browser approach arena. But I find myself even more depending on my  
mouse when using it. I guess I am happy with it because it emulates  
very nicely a feature that I occationally find extremely useful; the  
ability to see several things at once without cluttering my screen  
with fluff, and without requiring me to spend energy on arranging it,  
in this regard Squeaks-UI-feel really sucks!

I guess Whisker address this one issue, keeping the screen tidy,  
perfectly, otherwise it's a pain in the .... to use. But I do use it  
from time to time, because its so brilliant at letting me select what  
information I want to look at. Introduce some rudimentary keyboard  
commands, that would be really really great. (also thinking about  
introducing the idea of screensets into Whisker).

chris p
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