A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?"

Viktor Svub gilrandir at centrum.cz
Wed May 17 09:02:20 UTC 2006

although i personally like the smalltalk browser style much better, i 
think we shouldn't just tell 'the others' "our approach is better, so 
you have to use it" ...with all the "anything is possible with 
smalltalk" talk on the other hand. we sure have a lot of ways to 
represent all the methods for a class in a single editable stream (chunk 
format?), so why not? some people will just feel more comfortable that 
way ^_^

Michael Latta wrote:
> While keeping your hands on the keyboard should in theory be more efficient,
> I have found that the presentation/treatment of methods as separate units of
> work has more benefit than cost.  Having all the source in one long
> scrolling text area (as in Java or C#) results in a very different coding
> style and organization that is not as productive (at least for all those I
> know have used both environments at the master level).
> Michael
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>>First of all is the environment/IDE. With Lisp/Emacs/Slime, or for  
>>that matter Java/Netbeans, to write method after method, you can  
>>just type. What I saw in Squeak was a bad combination of mousing  
>>and typing. You have to click in the '--all--' window of methods,  
>>then mouse down to the editing pane, and replace text, then save,  
>>then do it again for the next method. I'm sure this is a YMMV  
>>thing, but these mini-interruptions sure wouldn't keep me in 'flow'  
>>as much as just typing.
> I totally agree with this though

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