A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?"

Alexandre Bergel Alexandre.Bergel at cs.tcd.ie
Wed May 17 10:25:14 UTC 2006

> 	f(x, y) := [x + y].
> 	f(3, 4).
> [Hm ... actually this *does* look pretty reasonable; I should  
> consider this for Croquet] I'm in particular curious about your  
> claim this is "now" possible which seems to imply that there is  
> something LambdaMessageSend does that blocks/closures for some  
> reason can't represent properly.

Elegant, but it breaks the homogeneity of Squeak. There is no message  
sending in f(3, 4) Perhaps something like f@(3, 4) would make it more  


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