A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?"

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Wed May 17 11:47:04 UTC 2006

Hello Zulq,

ZA>     - Look at more than one method at the same.
ZA>     - Edit more than one method at the same time.
ZA>     - Show how code is related by spatial relation to other code.

all three in the TracingMessagesBrowser. I usually have two of them
open. Indentation of the control flow, one algorithm in one window,
even if it spans 20 methods in 10 classes.

I prefer it to a folding text editor, because everything that is
related to the thing I'm developing is in that single Browser. No way
to do this with files.

BTW, I still make my money with LISP and since Squeak I wish I had
that IDE there. I more or less flatly refuse to work in Delphi anymore

ZA>     - Move around a class in a fuzzy way, e.g. Page Up/Down, Ctrl+End in
ZA> Windows.

Don't need it anymore.

ZA>     - Look at class declaration stuff easily (is there or could there be
ZA> a key for this?). I'd just use Ctrl+Home in Windows to get to the top of
ZA> a Java file.

???? I guess that's why I keep a RefactoringBBrowser open in addition
to my two TMB's. Usually I also have one Explorer open.

ZA>     - Jump around the class method by method Ctrl+Shift+Down/Up in
ZA> Eclipse - Squeak might be able to do this?

ZA>     - Print out a class (though I haven't even tried this in Squeak)

Should be as easy as fileout, never tried it. Fileout and a macro in
my favourite text editor.

ZA> The first two are really important to me, I didn't realize how much I
ZA> did this until I switched. Some kind of popup code viewer could work
ZA> here, on top but without focus still in the browser code area. My 
ZA> monitor is way too small (19") to fit all the browsers I need.

Really try the TracingMessagesBrowser, it needs magma base additions
and magma exceptions (don't have an image handy for correct names),
all on SM.


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