A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?"

Zulq Alam zulq at orange.net
Wed May 17 11:59:12 UTC 2006

> The Smalltalk environment is optimized for browsing and reading, not
> for writing. 
There is ultimately no point in browsing or reading alone and you cannot 
write about or use what you cannot understand and you cannot read or 
understand what you cannot find.

Is it perhaps more the case that the Smalltalk environment is better for 
browsing and reading than it is for writing rather than being optimized 
as such.

> As an author, sometimes I wish that I could organize my code into a
> linear structure that forced the reader to follow along in a certain
> order.
Out of curiosity, what are your concerns when you feel this? Would you 
still feel them if, hypothetically, browsing and reading were effortless?
> We spend more time reading than writing.  
More time than who and why?

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