Sake = Rake for Smalltalk?

Alejandro F. Reimondo aleReimondo at
Wed May 17 13:27:42 UTC 2006

> >> Yes I know I thought about it too but I never liked the idea that  
> >> sending a message would create
> >> a method or a class. May be I'm too old fashioned :)
> Is there another way to do it?

To "define" a class nothing is required (you must write
 "source" code in a piece of paper/aTextFile).
If you want to create an object (like a class) you need
 to DO something, ... e.g. send a message.

Working with OOLanguages, only definition is possible
 (an required), because execution is not allowed when
 you are "there"; a computer/machive will do the work
 later in time (evading object creation if possible :-( ).
It is like writing a letter to God, talking about ideal objects... 

Working IN smalltalk, computation/production is a side
 effect of a working environment. When you are in the
 environment, you must do(evaluate) actions and create
 classes/species (if it is possible at the moment of evaluation).
It is like working in real world.

The "doIt" instead of "defineIt" has important implications
 in systems development/creation.
Is is not a good/bad idea; it is a requirement to send
 messages. It is possible becasue the receiver is near your
 fingers and at the same time.
Building open systems (instead of closed/ideal systems)
 let you lower the risks of working declarativelly.

hope this help,

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