A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?"

Chris Muller afunkyobject at yahoo.com
Wed May 17 17:43:23 UTC 2006

Did you notice the commentary below the main blog article?  One of the commentators pointed out that you can, in fact, easily just keep typing in methods.
 Instead of pressing Return/Enter and starting the next method, just press Command+a and start typing the next method.
 It's no slower, no less cumbersome, but it sure is simple.  The guy just didn't take the time to discover it..

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> First of all is the environment/IDE. With Lisp/Emacs/Slime, or for
> that matter Java/Netbeans, to write method after method, you can
> just type. What I saw in Squeak was a bad combination of mousing
> and typing. You have to click in the '--all--' window of methods,
> then mouse down to the editing pane, and replace text, then save,
> then do it again for the next method. I'm sure this is a YMMV
> thing, but these mini-interruptions sure wouldn't keep me in 'flow'
> as much as just typing.

I totally agree with this though

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