ODBC Problem

Gary Chambers gazzaguru at btinternet.com
Wed May 17 19:40:46 UTC 2006

Try doing a "chase pointers" (from the popup menu) after inspecting an
instance of ODBCConnection. Should give you some idea of where the instance
is being referenced.

Also common is referencing an object in a workspace. Set the reference to
nil or close the workspace.

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> Hi,
> we'are talking about Squeak 3.8 running at Windows XP and ODBC
> Package from squeak map, loaded today:
> I've done several connections to a ODBC source. Connection works
> great but I could not remove the old objects (I use it with seaside).
> ODBCConnection Class>>clearAll doesn't work, something prevent the
> old ODBCConnection instances to be garbaged collected.
> (making ODBCConnections allInstances shows that all connections are
> closed, but "open transaction" ???)
> Have someone a hint 8-) ?
> Regards
> Hans

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