Integrating the TracingMessageBrowser to the standard image

Chris Muller chris at
Wed May 17 19:42:34 UTC 2006

> Also, what's with the Magma requirement? just seeing maPrefixed
methods makes me feel uneasy, I don't know why... I think Magma broke
an image of mine when I first started using Squeak.

 Again, no Magma requirement.  Magma is nowhere in sight here.  "ma" does not mean Magma.
 The "ma" method prefixes are, quite simply, a namespace.  I was only trying to be polite by not hogging the namespace with my interpretation of general names like:
     "Efficiently removes all elements in the receiver."
 instead of 
 So you can be assured that loading any of MY stuff should never stomp anything else you have loaded, whether it was "polite" with its own prefix or not.
 It's an ugly compromise to assure future interoperability with other code.  It was designed to make you feel MORE assured but it has apparently had the opposite effect; heh, probably because its "different" I presume..

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