ODBC Problem

Hans N Beck hnbeck at t-online.de
Wed May 17 19:49:55 UTC 2006

Hi Gary,

Am 17.05.2006 um 21:40 schrieb Gary Chambers:

> Try doing a "chase pointers" (from the popup menu) after inspecting an
> instance of ODBCConnection. Should give you some idea of where the  
> instance
> is being referenced.
> Also common is referencing an object in a workspace. Set the  
> reference to
> nil or close the workspace.

Yes, this I have tried already but doesn't help. But the other hint  
is a good idea, I will try it.
What does me wonder is the "open transaction" property. Could this be  
hint to the problem ?

What I've done is make a ODBC connection via DSN, make a "select"  
query and close the connection. After repeating this several times, I  
do ODBCConnection (Class) >> clearAll, which reports that all  
instances are yet alife. Must I do something with commitTransactions ?

Thanks !


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>> Hi,
>> we'are talking about Squeak 3.8 running at Windows XP and ODBC
>> Package from squeak map, loaded today:
>> I've done several connections to a ODBC source. Connection works
>> great but I could not remove the old objects (I use it with seaside).
>> ODBCConnection Class>>clearAll doesn't work, something prevent the
>> old ODBCConnection instances to be garbaged collected.
>> (making ODBCConnections allInstances shows that all connections are
>> closed, but "open transaction" ???)
>> Have someone a hint 8-) ?
>> Regards
>> Hans

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