Package Annotation with MC1

Alexandre Bergel Alexandre.Bergel at
Thu May 18 11:20:04 UTC 2006


I dusted off a small extension to Monticello 1 that enables  
annotation of packages.
To annotate a package, just perform in a workspace:

(PackageInfo named: 'Monticello') annotation: (Dictionary new at:  
#author put: 'Wiresond team'; at: #website put: 'http://'; yourself)

There is no graphical support, although easy to do.
I extended the Monticello meta model with a class  

Annotations are saved and are part of the file. Packages  
that contains annotation can still be loaded in a non-annotation  
aware image. In the, annotations are  saving using:

(PackageInfo canUnderstand: #annotation:)
	ifTrue:   [(PackageInfo named: 'Monticello')
			annotation: ((Dictionary new) add: (#author->'Wiresond team');  

Perhaps someone might find it interesting...

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