Need for a message catalog framework per application

stéphane ducasse ducasse at
Thu May 18 11:23:09 UTC 2006

Hi guys

why do not you start with something really simple. Having a class per  
package which has a protocol
to collect/contain the translation and then a way to initialize the  
Package allSubclasses collectTranslations
MyPackage  removeTranslations.

And see. It should not be that complex. Do it and aks for feedback.


On 17 mai 06, at 14:13, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

> The message catalogues -- for translation -- as handled right now  
> come in the form of an unique dictionary per language in the Image.  
> When developing a specific application where you want the interface  
> to be translated in several languages it is a very big problem.
> Indeed there are *no standard* way in message catalogues  
> transportation related to your package. Right now the application  
> source code and the translation are located in different places.  
> The first one in a Monticelly package and the other in the Image.  
> Therefore it could be very easy mix up or even worst lose part of  
> an application translation.
> I read here and there about possible hacks to do it, but could we  
> try to define once *a standard way* to define such message  
> catalogue transportation.
> From my point of view -- application developer -- I will need:
> - for one specific application, the message catalogues  should come  
> with the source code (as it is done with the GNU Gettext system).
> - the message catalogues should be transportable with the source  
> code. For example I read it could be integrated in the Monticello  
> package and SqueakMap package
> - it should be easy for translators to translate one specific  
> application, then commit back in the application repository the  
> translated messages.
> I don't think I can define such a framework alone, but if other  
> people are interested for such a solution I am willing to help.
> Hilaire
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