Poor TTF font performance on Linux with newer VM

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at lshift.net
Thu May 18 11:29:35 UTC 2006

David T. Lewis wrote:
> Are you saying that your 3.9 VM does *not* have the FFI plugin? If
> that is the case, try adding it to the build in case FFI is being
> used for the TTF fonts in some way.

No, the 3.9 VM *does* have an internal SqueakFFIPrims, whereas the 3.7
VM does *not* have an internal SqueakFFIPrims.

Conversely, the 3.7 VM has an internal UnixOSProcessPlugin, where the
3.9 VM does not (it is external and present in the lib directory, though
not loaded).

Summary of changes (excluding version differences):

Present only in 3.7-7: AioPlugin, UnixOSProcessPlugin
Present only in 3.9-4, 3.9-7, SVN trunk: CroquetPlugin, FloatMathPlugin
The lists are otherwise the same.

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