Re-2: RV: File dialog

Frank Urbach frank.urbach at
Thu May 18 13:10:11 UTC 2006

Hi Stef,

I was looking for the implementors of chooseDirectory and didn't found them. 
After this I was looking at 3.9b and see that this is an method from Toolbuilder.
Looding Toolbuilder form squeaksource solved the problem. An I think that Toolbuilder
is not in the origin 3.8 image. 
Nice try to force us digg a little bit deeper into squeak. :-) Thanks I've realy learned 
something. (forgive a newbie :-))


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Subject: Re: RV: File dialog (18-Mai-2006 13:39)
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> > In a 3.9b 7032 you do UIManager default chooseDirectory.
> in 3.8 look for the implementors of chooseDirectory ::)
> Stef

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