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Fri May 19 14:33:37 UTC 2006

> > >     When was Smalltalk really invented?
> > >
> > >     Was it in 1972 or 1976 or 1980?
> >
> > In 1972 we got the seed (objects and messages) and in 1976 the current
> > form (vm, classes as objects, inheritance).
> What does "invented" mean?  And what is Smalltalk?
> In my opinion, the class library is as important as the vm and the
> language syntax, and the culture is as important as the class library.
>  They have been developing continually.  So, I do not think that
> Smalltalk has ever been created.  We can say when key ideas were
> invented, but Smalltalk is much more than vm and classes as objects.

        Oh, My Lord,
        isn't this
        the profound

> I've been programming in Smalltalk since 1985.  It (and I) have
> changed a lot since then.  Smalltalk in 1985 had changed a fair bit
> since the original Smalltalk-80.  For example, the pluggable MVC was
> part of Smalltalk-80 R 2, but not the original R1, and understanding
> pluggability was important for me.  Pluggability has become an
> important part of the culture.
> Of course, Smalltalk hasn't changed as much as it should have, but
> that is a different story.

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