Whither Squeak?

Cees De Groot cdegroot at gmail.com
Fri May 19 14:51:25 UTC 2006

On 5/19/06, Ralph Johnson <johnson at cs.uiuc.edu> wrote:
> Can you be specific?  What tools?  Can you give stories of how tools failed you?
I think Stephane and Marcus, the Brave Two Men who did all the hard
work on 3.9, have some stories to share. Monticello was one of the
tools that showed scaling problems when trying to apply it to the
whole image, and the second big issue, which is a bit unique to
Squeak, I think, is that we're trying to deconstruct a living thing:
we still need to find a way to manage live objects outside the

> The difference is that Microsoft pays people a lot of
> money to modularize Word.
Yup. That's the issue here - a lot of money...

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