Whither Squeak?

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Fri May 19 16:53:15 UTC 2006

Il giorno ven, 19/05/2006 alle 09.43 +0200, Cees De Groot ha scritto:
> Possible solutions (given in "who is General Failure and what is he
> doing on my drive?" style):
> - Abort. Go back to the SqC model and live with a monolithic image (do
> not scale);
> - Retry. Declare Spoon to be Squeak 4.0, declare that that is all that
> is going to be "officially" supported for the time being, and refuse
> to support anything additional that doesn't have a proven team backing
> it (scale up).
> - Ignore. Keep on following the (distributed) software engineering
> trail, but realize that it may take 5 years before we have a
> modularized, manageable Squeak (scale down).
> I have a clear preference, but I am not giving it until after a bit of
> brainstorming here on the list. I hope that the rest of you will be
> able to show the same restraint :)

I propose another course of action:

- Steer. Let's take another SW engineering trail which, albeit with some
tradeoffs, will bring us  to a modularized, manageable Squeak in less
than 5 years. Let's try to have a time-boxed schedule: it has done
wonders for other Open Source projects such as Gnome or Ubuntu. Let's
burn the diskpacks: let's drop MVC, move to Flow for network and files,
move to OmniBrowser and have an interface for Extract Method
refactorings which even I can understand (now, these are just examples
of things we could possibly do, not real proposals - not yet anyway).


PS. Given my track record as a Squeak coder (4 lines submitted), please
excuse my blatant abuse of "let's"es and "we"s ;)

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