Whither Squeak?

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Fri May 19 20:57:29 UTC 2006

Hi Ralph--

 > Is it possible to start with Spoon and then load in the rest of the
 > Squeak codebase?

	Yes indeed!

	I'm currently preparing a Spoon snapshot that has every last bit of 3.9 
installed back into it (via imprinting), as a proof of concept. Support 
for imprinting is available in the most recent Spoon release as part of 
a full-featured Morphic-enabled system (albeit a rather old one, of 3.2 
vintage, from August 2002). I'm also preparing to make it available 
separately as a SqueakMap/MC package, suitable for use in various 3.9 
and earlier snapshots. Anyone will be able to move arbitrary behavior 
from an old snapshot into a Spoon snapshot.


Craig Latta
improvisational musical informaticist
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