Whither Squeak?

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sat May 20 06:31:45 UTC 2006

> However, any serious plan for 3.10 or 4.0 whichever one is next would
> need a few people to volunteer to lead the effort. As always, it's
> those who do the work who get to decide what gets done. Discussion is
> valuable but not decisive.

I think that we can talk and create teams and ...
at the end of the day if people do something it happens (see MC1,  
MC2, OB, harvesting).

So I would love to see a spoon-based system (= for my mini image +  
loadable modules)
but I tend to stay away from the team kind of calls where the team  
work one week and
fall apart. (of course this is not the case of Craig) but what we are  
facing now is that
really few people proposed to help for 3.9 harvesting. So each time,  
we have big discussions
about big great plans and people oppose small steps and large ones.
I would say: give me 4 cool developers for 2 years and I will jump in  
big cool plans, now
if you have 2 guys working the night....I let you conclude.

> Bryce
> P.S. I'm away from the internet for the next week on holiday.

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