Whither Squeak?

Peter Crowther Peter at ozzard.org
Sat May 20 05:52:26 UTC 2006

> From: Torsten Sadowski
> There is no package system from Apple.
> Large chunks of software reside in app bundles and frameworks which is
> very modular but on the other hand ineffective. If I want to publish
> software based on something not in the base system I put 
> everything I need
> in the app bundle. And someone else does the same...

Yes.  Microsoft have gone down the same route with .Net (and, in fact,
with their application recommendations since the betas of Windows 2000 -
about 8 years now).  It's the only way they've found to prevent the "DLL
Hell", or more generally dependency hell, that plagues modular systems.
It also means that an app bundle is standalone, requiring nothing more
than a base system and certainly not requiring access to a package
repository.  I don't know about you, but the incidence of applications
that won't run because of incompatibilities has fallen markedly on the
systems I manage since that time.

I'm interested.  Why is this 'ineffective'?

		- Peter

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