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Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at
Sun May 21 07:33:03 UTC 2006

Hi Gary,

on Sun, 21 May 2006 04:13:35 +0200, ou <gafisher at> wrote:

> Hi, Klaus!
> Wouldn't it be great if Squeak was the incentive behind all those  
> Linspire CNR subscriptions?

Yes, as much [incentive] as is possible, please !

> Of course, what they're selling is not Squeak
> (
> scription) but super-easy one-click installation, not only of Squeak  
> (which
> is already pretty easy :-) but of far more complex software as well.   
> Since
> a lot of schools are now using Linspire, thanks to their education  
> licensing
> discounts ( this might be a  
> great
> way to get Squeak into a number of classrooms.  Anything that gets Squeak
> into the hands of users, and especially kids, is good for Squeak.

What surprised me when I found Linspire's Squeak offering was, as the  
subject line says: they sell it as teaching tool for education (while at  
the same time Squeak can be downloaded and used without such a  

So there are people other than those in * who  
work on the popularity of Squeak. This is very good to see. Plus some of  
the Squeak developers see, as Edgar noted, that their Squeak software it  
sold! O.K. a CNR subscription is rather payed for support, but who cares,  
if that works.

So, if everything goes well, we will see requests for support from the  
Linspire people AND from their customers, hopefully many :-)

There are [said to be some] 5 million Java developers; this number could  
be exceeded by the number of students (CNR or not) who use Squeak, with  


> Gary

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