Whither Squeak?

stéphane ducasse ducasse at iam.unibe.ch
Sun May 21 14:35:06 UTC 2006

> However, I'm not sure we only have a tools problem. The stuff I  
> mentioned above is readily available for some time now, so if  
> people wanted, they could have used it. With MC2 we'll get even  
> better and faster tools (right? ;-), but it will still be a problem  
> of people stepping up to actually use them for advancing Squeak.  
> I'm no exception here, apart from the packages I maintain, I just  
> post the occasional fix to Mantis as a changeset and let whoever  
> else take over, which until now usually was Marcus alone.
And Stef. And now stef alone. :)

> So apart from better tool support we still need to find away to let  
> people contribute more easily.

this was the point of a precedent email. Now may be it also mean that  
with a faster MC we can integrate faster, and also that you could  
commit a MCZ and not a CS and may get an automated build.

I asked ****several**** times about spending some money so that one  
person can help us speeding up/improving the harvesting
process in the foundation board. But I was like shouting in the  
desert. I still think that with some better tools we could go much  
faster. But so far I got no time to think about the tools, else  
nothing in 3.9a would have been done. So this is a bootstrap


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